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About VetGreen

Vetgreen Company, was founded in 2012 under the name of “Safary Kurdistan Company”. Vetgreen Company is specialized to import veterinary supplies, vaccines and drugs, animal trading, and hospitals. The company warehouse is 7,500 square meters warehouse in a strategic place in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. The company is registered at the Ministry of Agriculture under the company name of Vetgreen Company. 

Vetgreen Company import animal supplies, vaccines and drugs from trusted and quality brands for our customers. We think that companion and large animals deserve the best serves and qualified products to live a better and healthy life.

 Vetgreen Company import animals and birds like [black deer, red deer, pet birds, spotted deer, appaloosa, peacock, blue and gold macaw, kangaroo] from Europe, Lebanon and UAE. Because we are professional and licensed company, It’s our aim to keep the animals safe and healthy while we import them from far. And we work under the laws of international animal trading.      


SINCE 2012

Also Vet green company has two hospitals which they called Vetgreen Hospital, which was built in 2012 and Vetgreen 2, which was built in 2017, in Sulaymaniyah, Iraq. We are a group of skilled veterinarian and Support Staff who truly care about you and your animals or birds. Vetgreen Hospital is a full-service hospital that has an in-house pharmacy, boarding facility. We aim to provide quality medical, dental and surgical care to animals and birds. We provide the best quality care and advice, so your pets can have the longest, most active and healthy life possible. Our Hospital shines, and our experience was spread easily because of the skillful staff that work in the hospital. We have modernized the practice by offering digital radiography, color doppler ultrasound, CBC blood testing and onsite laboratory equipment so that we can better understand what may be going on with animals. We laugh and worry and fuss and cry over our patients because we know just how important they are.